Levens Jewels was created by Mar del Hoyo in 2016 after a personal journey around the Cote d’Azure, France. She now lives and works in Barcelona, where all Levens pieces are hand made in her studio.

Mar's signature ceramic earrings introduced her to the jewellery-making world after a decade of working as an actress.

Levens is a concept that emerged from her fascination with beauty, art and photography.

The dawn of culture arises from the need of human beings to adorn themselves and thus distinguish themselves from others. Through the process of creating her own jewellery pieces, Mar found the way to express her inner universe and her cultural interests, turning each piece into a symbol of that imaginary world in which other women can also feel themselves identified.

Although the use of ceramic makes Levens very recognizable, Mar has now introduced the use of silver- and gold-plated brass to continue exploring the different possibilities of each material in order to create statement jewels that transcend seasons and trends.